Saturday, May 17, 2008

Remote Desktop Management Heaven

Are you an contracter working for different companies like me?
Or, do you have an heterogeneous environment to work with?

Then "Terminals" might be the application you have been waiting for!

"Terminals" allows to manage all your remote desktop connections. No matter if they are RDP, VNC, VMRC, RAS, Telnet, SSH or Citrix and moreover with all the options you can dream of.

Its open source thus free! And you can find it on codeplex here.

Other features include :

1. Ability to import files such as MuRD and RDP files.
2. Tagging connections (grouping)
3. Shortcuts (to external tools) and Favorites
4. Some toolbar customization
5. Full Screen mode, multiple screen sizes and color depths supported
6. Minimize to tray
7. Single application instance
8. Execute before connect
9. Completely secure password storage
10. Screen capture of entire terminal window

Happy Managing!

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