Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Forget Role Based Security! (Geneva)

With the arrival of the Beta 1 of the "Geneva" Claims Based Access Platform you should forget everything you know about role-based security.

Claims based security is everything! It really  is!

Especially in any SAAS,  Heterogeneous or WCF-Services environment using Security Token Services is the technology to use... But honestly, it should be the security route for any solution!

I recommend reading this excellent document by David Chappel which gives a perfect conceptual (no code) explanation of what "Claims Based Access" and "Geneva" are about.

I also recommend reading this excellent document by Keith Brown which gives a perfect introduction (with code) to the whole "Geneva" suit!

Note: the "Geneva" framework cannot be installed on Windows XP nor on Windows 2003. A temporarily solution can be found here: http://travisspencer.com/blog/2009/02/installing-geneva-framework-on.html

Happy Claiming!

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