Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Microsoft's Ajax Strategy

With only a bugrich codeplex AJAX Toolkit available, professional ASP.Net Developers were forced to count their options outside the Microsoft playfield. Fast amounts of time were and are invested in encorperating Ajax-frameworks into Just think of Backbase, Dojo, Prototype and Yahoo to name a few.

But there is hope If you are a fan of Scott Guthrie it can't be a suprise, Microsoft future direction for their Ajax strategy will be "JQuery". Atleast that is what I expect given the influence that Scott has and the recent beta release of the mvc-framework heavily depending on JQuery.

My experiences with JQuery are amazin: in the very first place it is very very practical. Its amazing what one can accomplish with a few, intuitive, lines of code.

Secondly, the availability of ready-to-use components build on "JQuery" is rapidly increasing.

So my advise: start experimenting with "JQuery" today, and learn the basics.


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